What to expect when Heli Skiing?

What to Expect While Heli-Skiing

If you’ve never been heli-skiing, you may not know what to expect. Here’s more information about the heli-skiing experience.

Heli-Skiing Groups
On most heli-skiing tours, heli-skiers are led by an experienced guide who will lead a group of 10-12. Depending on the popularity of your tour, you may be skiing with as little as 6 or as more than 12 skiers.

Heli-Skiing Tour Length
While heli-skiing, you can expect to either take 5-12 runs in a day. Your tour guides will constantly be searching for the best (and the safest) snow. In other places, you might take one long run down the mountain, stopping in various places for break.

Heli-Skiing Conditions
Heli-skiing conditions can really vary, according to the day you’re skiing and where you’re skiing. However, heli-skiing is known for its opportunity to allow skiers to access amazing powder. Fast, dry conditions, as well as slick and spring-like conditions have been seen, too. Because of this variation, it’s best to check with your heli-skiing tour for specific information about daily conditions.


Heli-Skiing Safety

The primary safety concern with heli-skiing is the danger of avalanches. Reputable heli-skiing operation will employ guides and pilots who are experienced in evaluating snow conditions, snow stability, and avalanche risks.

Some heli-skiing tours will provide a class on the use of avalanche equipment. Others do not. Because of this, it’s a good idea to ask your heli-skiing operators about this.

If you do need your own avalanche education and equipment, read more about avalanche education from the About.com Climbing Guide. You may not need all of this, so don’t be afraid to ask your heli-skiing tour guide about equipment. You don’t want to have to carry extra bulk if you don’t have to.

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